My paintings Glasshouse1 and 2 are among the winners and will be featured in the online abstract art exhibition presented by Artist Space Gallery @artistspacegallery.

My Bio says: Anke Rupprecht-Poßinke, also known as the artist RUPPO, was born on December 6th, 1956 in Hamburg. After a successful retired career as a qualified engineer, she has been devoting herself to her artistic passion since 2017. With her wide range of abstract and representational images as well as sculptures, she has achieved international recognition and her works have been presented in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

RUPPO's art aims to unleash the viewer's imagination and encourage them to move mountains. By combining abstract elements with representational motifs, she creates a visual experience that transports the viewer into a world of imagination and possibility. Inspired by the squeegee paintings of renowned artist Gerhard Richter, RUPPO experiments with different techniques and materials to create their unique expressions.

Her artistic vision is based on the belief that imagination has a transformative power that pushes us beyond our limitations. Following Albert Einstein, RUPPO emphasizes that imagination is even more important than knowledge, since knowledge is limited and finite. Through her artwork, she aims to encourage viewers to use their own imagination to discover new perspectives and explore the world around them in a creative and inspiring way.

To the paintings:

In the abstract squeegee paintings I see the glass front of a high-rise office building, once in daylight and then in the evening twilight. I can observe the people in the illuminated offices and am very happy that I can now freely choose my working environment as an artist.

The special thing about Glasshouse 1 and 2 is that both canvases, back to back, make a great decoration in the room or in the shop window.

Glasshouse 1+2

each 15 x 150 cm (2 pieces 115 x 75 cm)

Acrylic on canvas €380 each